"For nine years, it’s been an honor to work diligently on behalf of my constituents.  With assistance from my colleagues, state legislators, and municipal employees, we’ve accomplished much and helped our citizens navigate through local government. I’ve built a reputation for being budget-conscious and focusing on integrity and ethics in local government. I believe we can all work together to succeed in one of the most amazing communities in the country, and I am prepared and excited to move forward serving you with the energy and dependability you've come to expect in me."

Establishing a Comprehensive and Sustainable Fiscal Plan...

I'm committed to using my budgetary talents and expertise to assist in developing an all-encompassing fiscal plan that works for the betterment of the State of Alaska.  I've developed a reputation as a champion of fiscal responsibility while serving as Director of the Assembly Budget and Legislative Service Office and also while serving on the Assembly.  My commitment to keeping citizens informed on how the Assembly allocates tax dollars has always been a priority and will continue to be at the state level.  I chaired the Assembly Budget and Finance Committee and drafted the first-ever Budget/Finance Committee Work Plan which ensured quarterly reviews of Department budgets, Anchorage School District Budgets, annual reviews of labor agreements, and other various avenues for improving operation efficiencies. My financial achievements while on the Assembly produced results at the local level. In the State Legislature, I'd like to develop a similar work plan that would serve as a guideline to creating a stronger fiscal future for Alaskans.

Keeping our Streets, Homes and Businesses Safe...

I believe that public safety is a basic necessity within any community. I plan to work with other members of the legislature in an effort to ensure that revenue sharing is maintained in order to assist communities in providing the adequate number of sworn officers, firefighters, and other emergency service men and women.  This annual appropriation will provide our citizens with a sense of security and safety.

In the past, I empowered a citizen who was concerned about safety in the Campbell Park area and helped create Take Back Our Park (aka TBOP), a working group of community members, businesses and municipal staff with a mission of encouraging residents and businesses to work together to provide safe, clean and enjoyable park within Campbell Park.

I also recognize that public safety is more than police and fire protection but also ensuring that all citizens have access to sufficient health care; therefore, maintaining and increasing funding for Medicaid is essential.


I strongly support constitutionally protecting the Permanent Fund Dividend for current and future generations.

Strengthening Alaska's Infrastructure for a Brighter Future...

Maintaining and improving Anchorage’s infrastructure is vital for economic growth and will also provide sustainable jobs for the hardworking men and women within our community.  I will continue to work diligently to provide resources whether it’s through capital budget appropriations or bonding.  Providing the support that is necessary to continue to develop and expand the economy for our citizens is crucial.


Education contributes to the economic growth of our community...

Our children are one of the most important investments we can make within our community – they are our future. For that reason, it is essential that the base student allocation is increased and appropriations are forward funded in order to avoid unnecessary layoffs. During my36 years in Anchorage, I worked with youth within our community, providing guidance and serving as a mentor. I’ve made various presentations on local government in our high schools and the University of Alaska Anchorage.  I have always supported funding the Anchorage School District at a level that best serves our 48,000+ students.  I’ve supported and encouraged legislators to create a post-secondary education scholarship grant program and co-sponsored legislation to urge elected officials to communicate the importance of staying in school to our students.   Ensuring adequate state funding to continue to support the University is also of the utmost importance.

I am committed to making our State the best place
to live, work, and play.