I know it has been a couple weeks since Election Day, but I thought we all needed a little break from campaign ads. Now that the ballots have all been counted and the dust has settled, it’s time I take a moment to reach out to you again with a few thoughts.

First, I want to thank you for your patience and support. As you probably know, I’m pretty energetic and focused and we didn’t take a single day of the campaign for granted. That means that we knocked on more than 3,000 doors, we placed 200 small campaign signs and eight large signs, we called more than 4,000 phone numbers, we sent more than 17,000 mailers, and we had nine fundraisers. Our message was seen and heard EVERYWHERE and, as overwhelming as that could be, our community was receptive and excited that I was ready to take my experience and vision to Juneau to continue to represent your interests.


Next, I wanted to thank you for your feedback. Over the nine years I spent serving my community on the Anchorage Assembly, we accomplished great things that made positive impacts on how we work, live, play and do business as a city. Much of that was a result of my conversations and correspondence with constituents and neighbors. Throughout the campaign, I had many more conversations with everyday Alaskans in regard to things I should focus on in the State Senate. There were concerns about neighborhood safety, balancing the budget, funding for our schools and teachers, and tourism and infrastructure projects that would revive our economy as we crawl out of this economic recession. Every minute spent with Alaskans along the way has been instrumental in preparing to accomplish great things on the Senate floor in Juneau. 

Lastly, I’d like to thank you for your trust and your votes. Alaska has been faced with many challenges. Oil prices have been down and we have been forced to take a hard look at our collective future. But it is clear that we have brighter days ahead and Alaskans made their voice very strong in who they want and what kind of energy they want brought to the State Senate. I am ready to head to Juneau in January and begin work creating a comprehensive and sustainable fiscal plan as well as working diligently on public safety, infrastructure, education and constitutionally protecting the Permanent Fund Dividend.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Senator-Elect Elvi Gray-Jackson
Alaska State Senate
District I