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Dear friends,


Earlier this year, I announced a run for U.S. Senate because I wanted the citizens of Alaska to have a choice to elect someone who truly shared their values. I worked diligently to raise the funds necessary for a race of this magnitude. After some deep reflection on our current system and the monumental expenses required to run a successful campaign at this level, I had to withdraw my bid for U.S. Senate while recognizing that the need for campaign finance reform is real. Our state and our nation should not be faced with barriers to success so overwhelming that only the wealthy and the well-connected can succeed. 


Now, I’m pleased that I can re-instate my run for re-election to my State Senate seat. My community is important to me, and public service has been...


Elvi is committed to making Alaska the best place to live, work, and play. Elvi Gray-Jackson moved to Alaska in 1982 from New Jersey with her son, Ramon. As a single parent, she experienced the challenges of life in a new city, along with the excitement of adventure in Anchorage. She immediately became...

Establishing a Comprehensive and Sustainable Fiscal Plan for our state.

Elvi is committed to using her budgetary talents and expertise to assist in developing an all-encompassing fiscal plan that works for the betterment of the State of Alaska. Elvi served as

2022 Campaign Door Hanger Collateral

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